The Troubled Crane

The Troubled Crane

A lot has been on the news lately about agitations from groups, forums, and societies to put an end to the amalgamation of the East, West, and Northern region that became Nigeria. These agitations are in fact not misplaced going by the events that have repeatedly gone unchecked. From marginalization of tribes to police brutality, banditry and terrorism, and inflation,  the one-time Giant of Africa is now the world’s poverty capital. 

This has in turn led to protests that have been vehemently opposed and clamped by the Federal government. It has spiraled into riots, ethnic cleansing, and tribal extermination in some parts. Everyday insecurity grows. Warlords and been created as the government continues to empower Hoodlums and cult groups with weapons during elections. These weapons are not recovered after the elections and there is a growing number of weapons and alms amongst the people. With more and more people drowning in poverty, they have no choice but to turn to some of these warlords and pick up alms unwittingly fueling anarchy.

The Armed forces are already overwhelmed and stretched and there are internal crises hidden from the public eye rocking these military establishments. It is inevitable that the sickness that has crippled the country is having a devastating effect on them already. 

Going forward, it’s important to exercise a lot of restraint on all sides. The government which that was elected by the people have obviously failed in their responsibilities to protect and provide for her people. The people must however stand up in solidarity embracing peaceful means to rebuild a country that is presently in tatters. It is time for the black crowned Crane the country’s national bird to regain flight and distribute Peace. The people will bear the grunt of violence and warfare. We will be great again! Peace Crane designed by Eric Josel. Painted by Ogunyombo Ayomide. Don’t blink, I folded it.

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