Identifying Our Students

Skill set and level of assimilation of students is not the same. At ifoldedit, we try to sieve the experienced from the novice to avoid confusion and boredom on the part of the students that are not as fast as their contemporaries. Separating them helps us have a clearer focus on each student, and results in achieving better overall performances.


Arranging Our Classroom For Maximum Effectiveness

We divide students into houses to enable teamwork and a healthy competition. We use this method to engender order in the classroom too. The teacher then uses a large enough paper, so that everybody in the class has a clear view of what is being done. Also, the teacher moves from table to table, to ensure that the students are getting the art model being taught.



Constant Motivation

We are generous with encouragement. Even when the art model is not up to par, we dole out praises, and ensure that their confidence does not suffer, while stressing the need for regular practice, so as to master each model.

Guiding Students Through The Process

We make sure the students have performed each step correctly before moving on to the next.

• Using Motion Pictures

We do not only teach with conventional classroom methods, but include videos when we deem it necessary

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