Profile: Sail Boat⛵ So while I awaited the boat that was supposed to pick me up for an origami therapy session yesterday, a group of sailors who where awaiting passengers caught my attention and I decided to help elevate their spirits before their customers showed up. I Remembered one of them asking me when I gave them papers in his local dialect, “should I use this as a rysla paper for my weed”😆 And I remember replying that by the time he is done, he’d feel higher than if he was on weed! And so in less than 5 minute they all made their own sail boats. The man in the life jacket said ” I will show this to my daughter at home, I will never forget this day”. I’ve never felt fulfilled and happy the way sailor friends made me fill yesterday this year. Now I know I’d get a teachers discount each time I use that boat park🤗 Everybody needs something to brighten their gloomy day, rich or poor, young or old. One of the several gifts of the art of origami. Don’t blink, they folded it!

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  1. Lovely! Everyone deserve to be loved…

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