Google and Ifa

Google and Ifa

Long before I was ever conceived, in a land located west of Africa, and west of Nigeria, my founding fathers that graced this lands long before me had the need to get information about the past and the future, to navigate the present. Their was only one formidable library however that could boast of these information, IFA the God of divination… The librarian that had the monopoly of the keys to this information was the Ifa priest and he was dully consulted. The Ifa priest makes use of an opon Ifa,(a flat surface) and an opele, to consult the gods. Fast forward to 2017, the Ifa, is still very much formidable. However, that monopoly possessed by the Priest has been flipped with an amazing invention, “Google”. With Google, every one is your own priest. All you need is an Opon Ifa(A smart fone which incidentally is a flat surface) and the Opele, which is your ability to type in many different languages google is interpreted in including the Yoruba language, which isn’t only spoken in West of Africa, but some part of South America! The result of your search is gotten almost instantly! If you ask me, the inventors of GOOGLE where sent forth by the Ifa god himself and are his descendants! Don’t blink, I folded it!

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  1. Wao. Great jobs here bro. You’re sure going places with this unique idea

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