End Slavery

End Slavery🗾So I met a friend last week who accused me of being a social change advocate, yet ignoring travails black people are going through in Libya auctioning fellow Africans as slaves. Well, truly it went viral, yet I didn’t want to be a part of the frenzy so I observed people’s views, Africans especially. I noticed almost everyone had a say on the matter, not because they felt actual compassion for the victims, but because it was a trending topic and everyone wanted to have a go at it. I also read certain posts that touched the core of the issue at hand. Let me start by saying while slave trade was  abolished many years ago, the experience in itself came at a price. Yes we were liberated physically, but were we desensitized mentally, no! We went from being an independent people to being completely dependent for our survival. We turned to Religion, chance and the blame game for refuge, but it has all failed. Over time we have continually blamed our African leaders for our woes, forgetting that the leaders are only a reflection of the society we lead as a people. We blamed the West for been racist, we blame the government, we even blame God. Taking responsibility has Africans have become almost impossible. We love to play the victim. I ask myself continually, why is it that here in Nigeria for instance, multinational companies pay and take care of safety of their employees the most, while black own companies underpay, force staffs to work overtime and disregard their safety. @eldeethedon approach caught my attention in that Africans sends their children to the best schools, then bring one uncles child from d village, who washes the dishes, cars, cloth, does Nanny duties for their children yet are deprive of  basic child rights. And we still come online to join the end slavery bandwagon I ask myself if the nationals of countries we run to for greener pastures at all cost today fled their country as well at a time of turmoil,who would have made their countries what it is today, trees or the sand? We need to free ourselves from the mentality of “if I don’t go to Europe, I cannot make it in life”. Those people took time, vision, patience, revolution when due to make their Nations models. I believe the change we need in Africa should be from inward outside, from the buttom to the top, from the families to the government. The cup cannot be cleaned until it is cleaned from the inside. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, love your neighbor as yourself, and slavery will not only end but the perception of mother  Africa will change completely to the world! Don’t blink, I folded it!

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