Diamonds In The Rough

Diamonds In The Rough


Profile: Diamonds💎 Its the first day to the start of a decade, the end of an old. A lot have made so much money for a lifetime in the previous decade. Some found their purpose, others found their life partners. And there was of course the ones that cant even find the next meal. What has diamonds got to do with it? Most people see Diamonds only as precious gems for luxury . But that’s not completely correct. In-fact rough diamonds are sorted into 3 categories 1) Gem Quality 2) Industrial Quality 3) Crush-Boart. The name of the last 2 aren’t as alluring as the first but they are equally as important if not more. Did you know? That the Diamond is 58 times harder than any natural substance on earth. Yes I know Lonsdalelites are harder but they are from meteorites. So diamonds still wins the contest. So when others are shinning and looking so alluring just remember that not all diamonds are gem quality, not all are luxury. Yet all of them have specialized purposes that they are unique for. Just like you and I, we were mined and sorted already into categories like diamonds all having our unique qualities and purposes. Whether you are white, black or yellow, we will not all make loads of money, buy cars, build big homes. Some of us are not even meant to get married. But viewing life from all of these things in the new decade that beckons will be absolutely naive. There has to be more to life than eating and drinking. Seat back, relax and process this for a second. There is so much more to diamonds than “Gem quality”. Model tutorial by Yakamoga.Don’t blink, I folded it!

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  1. Thanks Oluwatobi, so insightful.

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