The black community has experienced a wave of support globally in recent times, and this was particularly triggered by sad and unfortunate events. The killing of George Floyd in the United States to be precise. It has however taking me a while to do work on this.

   Watched from afar as this death was quickly politicized and another diligent and devoted black man lost his life at the age of 77 as a result of the riots, protesting and looting that ensued.
He served in the St. Louis police department for 38 years, his name Captain David Dorn. He was also trying to protect the stall of his friend another black man from being looted and was shot in cold blood by a protester, as his death was filmed live like George. But he didn’t get as much attention and recognition because there wasn’t political gains to his death. Mind you, both were black men, both were citizens of the U.S

    Here is my point. The black community needs to wake up and start earning the respect they deserve not wait for unfortunate situations like George and David to be pitied momentary before racism resumes as usual. I watched a lot of black public figures and Actors come out and protest. Most of them did it for good PR and never addressed the main issues.  

    Truth is we as a black community are bringing little or nothing to the table. Ask yourself, what global problems have we solved and are solving as a race aside entertainment and Sports? What are we doing to stay relevant and carve our names on stones? What are we discovering aside been overly reliant on the solutions other races have created for us.

   No wonder we have been tagged the world’s “consumers”. Take the Asians for instance. They weren’t content with been bullied or pitied all the time, they didn’t just sit back while the rest of the world advanced, they earned the respect that the world accords them now.
So if you were looking for sympathy on this work, that isn’t what it represents. Earn respect and see your life matter.

  Look inward, explore our resources right, solve global problems, and stop being pawns in the world chess game.

   I personally believe that racism just like tribalism and global conflicts will never be totally eradicated. As a matter of truth, the Latinos and Asian community get racially abused too. Its human nature. The black community must however stand up, and start getting counted where it matters in the world. Then we will earn respect and not sympathy whenever another black-man kisses the dust. Purse excellence and never settle for mediocrity,stand up and be counted for David Dorn, George Floyd, and every black-man and woman that has had their lives snuffed out unjustly. Thanks Dr. Lizzie Burns for giving the extra push to work on this.  Black lives matter model designed by Beth Johnson, tutorial by Jo Nakashima. Don’t blink, I folded it! 

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