Australia’s Wildfire🇦🇺🔥

Australia’s Wildfire🇦🇺🔥

The new year started on a dramatic note. With escalations and provocation of world powers the frenzy of WW3 seem to be everywhere.
In the midst of all of these though there are more pressing matters that might consume the entire planet but it doesn’t seem to be getting that much attention. Wildfires are not new in Australia and it started around late July of last year, but this will go down as the worst in decades and the stats point to it.
Since it began, 1.) 24 people have been killed,2.)8000 Koalas dead 3.)500 million animals dead 4.)More than 1300 homes destroyed 5.) Over 5.5 million hectares burnt 6.)More than 10 million people at the risk of the toxicity of bush fire smoke.
However the reason of this years intensity has been narrowed down to “Climate change”. Something we have taken for granted again and again especially here in Africa.
Its high time we wake up to the reality of the havoc Climate change can cause and be proactive about it before life on our planet becomes uninhabitable. I pray for Australia and its people at a time like this that they will truly be consoled and the heavens will open up and the rains will fall and extinguish the fires. Kangaroo tutorial by Jo Nakashima, Lotus tutorial by Paper Kawaii, and Koala by Unknown.Don’t blink, I folded it!

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