Origami society nigeria

who are we

Origami Society Nigeria is the non-governmental arm of iFoldedit Origami with a vision to create change through it’s creative and productive engagements.  Download Fold and Heal Project Pamphlet here

Common Good

We are building a community of folders in students and professionals to improve their overall wellness and most importantly create social good.

Disability Inclusion

We seek to inspire people with disability through the Japanese art of Origami. The aim being to improve their self esteem and change the disability stereotype where Origami helps the community to see them through creative and productive engagement beyond their physical limitation.

Our Drive

There is a primary focus on achieving global goals 3 and 4.

Fold and Heal Project

The fold and heal project, an inspiration from our partner organization in the UK Origami Pulse's "Made with Glove" seeks to improve hospitalization experience for Caregivers and patients as well as provide support and soccur for people going through difficult times through a pamphlet that can ease folding.

Our Core Values

The society is keenly driven by certain values that shapes our interventions.

Benefits of Origami

Origami is an evidence based intervention proven therapeutic art form globally. some of it’s benefits include; Download OSN Brochure here